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Based in Indore (M.P.), Noble Ecotech is committed to organic, fairtrade farming and processing which is certified by the “SGS India Ltd.” and “ One Cert Asia Agri Certifications “ for NPOP/EU & NOP (for USA) Flocert GmbH.
Our business network stretches throughout India in more than 30 cities. Internationally too, we have a strong presence.
We work upon the idea of cultivating health, prosperity and quality by providing naturally grown organic food. Our project area is located in Dewas & Khargone district of MP. enveloped in by forest area and rich soil composition, it is the most suitable environment for natural cultivation.
Our core products include Organic Soybean, Cotton, Wheat, maize and cashew. We also deal in several other organic products as stated in our product profile.

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Organic Farming

Organic farming is the process of producing food naturally. This method avoids the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms to influence the growth of crops. The main idea behind organic farming is 'zero impact' on the environment. The motto of an organic farmer is to protect the earth’s resources and produce safe, healthy food.

Farmers plan to grow their crops without the aid of artificial fertilizers and harmful chemical pesticides. Organic ranchers and dairymen raise their livestock free of drugs and animal hormones. Supporters of organic lifestyle believe that food produced in this manner is of higher quality and possesses higher nutritional value in comparison to food produced by conventional, chemical-based methods.